The Ducati Scrambler Project

The Ducati Scrambler Project: The Seven Sisters

One of our most challenging projects at Officine Di Matteo is to re-create original Ducati Scrambler models from old dying motorbikes.
From the Engine to the smallest detail, we disassemble each piece to make sure each Scrambler is recreated with full performance mechanics.

For each project a full documentary is produced, to ensure each buyer to gather information about the reconstruction process, the
source of each piece and the history of a long search that in many cases could take up to 5 years to complete each Ducati Scrambler.

The Seven Sister

Reconstructing is all about fun. This is the reason why we decided to tell you 7 stories. 7 different stories about Ducati Scrambler,
recovered in some incredible ways from trash, from old italian private garages, rebuilt according to the original shape using only original
parts. This has not been easy for all the models. In many cases, original pieces have been found in rare old fashion market events.

The Two Brothers

Two more Ducati Scramblers have been added to the Officine Di Matteo’s collection. It’s about 2 custom models, keeping intact the engine and the main motorbike structure, including new technology parts, for a complex hybrid solution.

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