MV Agusta 150 Rapido Sport and 125 Sport side lateral trunk / chest / boot

These are original MV Agusta 150 Rapido Sport and 125 Sport side lateral trunks / chests / boots, for sale. The2 chests need a good polish and some new painting. Just one of the boots has been cleaned from black fat (that can be done with a simple good polish wipe).

Price: 240 euro.

  • mv-agusta-150-rs-bauletti-laterali-lateral-case-rapido-sport-1
  • mv-agusta-150-rs-bauletti-laterali-lateral-case-rapido-sport-2
  • mv-agusta-150-rs-bauletti-laterali-lateral-case-rapido-sport-3
  • mv-agusta-150-rs-bauletti-laterali-lateral-case-rapido-sport-4
  • mv-agusta-150-rs-bauletti-laterali-lateral-case-rapido-sport-5
  • mv-agusta-150-rs-bauletti-laterali-lateral-case-rapido-sport-6
  • mv-agusta-150-rs-bauletti-laterali-lateral-case-rapido-sport-7
  • mv-agusta-150-rs-bauletti-laterali-lateral-case-rapido-sport-8
  • mv-agusta-150-rs-bauletti-laterali-lateral-case-rapido-sport-9
  • mv-agusta-150-rs-bauletti-laterali-lateral-case-rapido-sport-10
  • mv-agusta-150-rs-bauletti-laterali-lateral-case-rapido-sport-11
  • mv-agusta-150-rs-bauletti-laterali-lateral-case-rapido-sport-12

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